Geocache a chronofact!

Play a part in FutureCoast by finding the perfect hiding spot for a chronofact in your hometown.


I'm an educator

FutureCoast makes a great classroom activity! Work with your students to fill in an application together.

FutureCoast Lesson Plan

What's a Chronofact?

Chronofacts are objects from the future that can be decoded into audio messages – voicemails. From February through April of 2014 they're appearing everywhere – and that’s where you come in!

By 'appearing' we really mean that some intrepid souls are geocaching these objects in their towns.

What's Geocaching?

Geocaching means hiding an object in a public place and then sharing the GPS coordinates so that other people can find it.

For FutureCoast, we have special objects – chronofacts – that we'll send to you to place.

Okay, I want to do it!

Super! First thing – fill in this volunteer form.

The form lets us know we can count on you to find a good spot, pick a good time to place it, and let us know when it's all set.

That way we can tell everyone where and when the latest chronofall has happened – thanks to you!

Chronofact Volunteer Form